BTC Academy
Proven step-by-step system to get you to master the Betfair exchanges (Even if you are starting from scratch)
Why do some people absolutely crush it? And then you see people all over the net with pics of green screens?
I’ll tell you exactly what the secret is…
I have been trading for over 10 years now, I have made every mistake you can think of seriously….
Jumped into a game because I have just lost a trade - Done it!
Put more money in my Betfair account because I made a huge mistake and over staked - Done it!
Traded a game I knew nothing about - Done it!
I got sick of not being the trader I wanted to be, then I found a trader who got me. They understood the mistakes I was making, they showed me how to trade properly for me. They explained it all in detail.
Education is the single most impactful thing you can do to be a better trader.
If you are just starting out on betfair or you have been trying desperately to become a profitable trading then working on your own understanding is a golden ticket.
But how do you get this understanding?
My name is Ryan Carruthers. I am the founder of Betfair Trading Community.
Together with the BTC team we have helped hundreds of traders and reverse engineered what YOU need to implement to be a profitable trader.
The best thing is we don’t believe that this has to be complicated.
Over the past 15 years months, I’ve grown my email list from 0 to 10,000 subscribers.
The crazy part?
There is no secret sauce - it’s about small gains consistently.
Following a proven system from proven traders.
Introducing BTC Academy
How BTC Academy Works
I’ve learned a time-tested and proven formula to rapidly increase your trading potential.
  • 52 lessons on Trading essentials that have been developed with over 15 years trading exprience.
  • Identified the most important factors you need to look at when trading in play on any sport, explained in detail so you can follow them step by step.
  • How to use trading software to find all the selections you will ever need.
  • These strategies have been tested and proven. We’ve coached hundreds of want to be traders to help them achieve their goals.
Moral of the story: This course is grounded in proven principles and strategies that work. It’s broken down into simple, step-by-step modules that allow you to easily walk through each of the phases of trading.

Every module is easy-to-follow so you can methodically implement what you’ve learned. No guesswork. Just follow the plan. We are also on hand to help - at any step of the way, do you know about our world class customer service?
What Topics Does the Course Cover?
This course covers:
1. Trading Essentials.

As our team grew as traders we have learnt exactly what the trading essentials you need are, we got together and broke down everything we think is needed to be profitable on Betfair so we could teach you to do the same thing.

We’ll start at the beginning and lay the foundation for becoming a great trader with a solid mindset.

You’ll learn the 3 most important things when trading - how to create a trading plan, when to trade & what to look for in the markets.

  • You’ll learn how to quickly work on your mindset so you can be a mentality ninja and be so calm when trading - This is where so many traders make the biggest changes to their trading!
  • You’ll learn the technique we used to manage our banks over our trading careers.
  • We shall show you how to find an edge in any market & how to find value, no matter what sport you want to trade.
  • Then you will learn how to execute all this new found knowledge and take the markets on. Including entry and exit points!

All of these lessons are just in one block, which we have broken down into 6 key modules! There is 50+ lessons is this section, we spent a collective 15 years plus learning these lessons - you can learn this information in the next month!

2. What sport should I trade?

One of the biggest problems many people run into early in their trading journey is picking a sport to trade! I must get 50 emails a day from people telling me that they want to trade a sport because that’s the one they see others doing?!

There are so many options. It is majorly overwhelming.

But why trade a sport just because? In the course we go in deep on Football, Tennis, Horse Racing & Cricket to show you everything you need to know about these sports. No more spending trading sessions not having a clue what to do when you are trading and that gut wrenching feeling of another red screen or blowing a bank on a sport you don’t actually like. You will see the details of each sport to fully understand how and why to trade them.

3. How do I make money from my trading?

This is the $1,000,000 question…

“How do I make money from Trading?“

This is where it gets really fun.

When you have finished this course you will:

  • Know how to create an exact trading plan - when to get in, how to research and when to get out.
  • A Ninja like mindset for your trading - no more rollercoaster of emotions when trading.
  • You will learn how to pick a sport and smash it!
The information in this course have generated £££ for us in trading profits, what we have taught over the years has made members finally achieve the goal to earn more money from trading!
NOTE: The first 50 33% discount coupons have been used
Extra You’ll Get in this Course
  • How to trade US Sports - one of the fastest growing markets on Betfair!
  • Be able to ask questions at every step of the way and get the answers you want. 
Class Details: Here Is What You Will Get
Here is what your course will include:

  • Full Betfair Ultimate Trading Course with over 120 lessons - over 15 years experience.
  • Clear notes on every lesson to highlight what you will learn every lesson.
  • Lifetime access
  • Full support on the course
  • Video lessons

How will you get access? Immediately after purchasing, you’ll be sent a private link where you can jump in and start the course immediately. You could literally be on your way to becoming the 5% of profitable traders after buying this course.
How Much Does it Cost?
The entire Ultimate Betfair Trading course--all strategies,are broken into 7 modules to ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed and can easily and methodically grow your Betfair bank!
1 Payment of £147+VAT 
7 DAY Moneyback Gurantee.
Do the Strategies Work for Normal People?
Frequently Asked Questions
Is there any type of continued support? What does it look like?
  • You will get support from pro traders, BTC was built with one rule that no question is a daft on, this continues with the course - ask as many questions as you need to.
Will this course continue to be updated? And will I get free access to future versions?
  • Yes! This will be the flagship course, any updates to the course will be included in your cost.
  • Once you are enrolled, all future versions are free at no cost.
How much more is in the course vs. what you already put out on your blog?
  • If the blog is a book, the course is an encyclopedia. Some of the core concepts I've discussed on the blog are in the course.
  • However, the course goes into MUCH more detail, with use cases, examples and video tutorials on every single strategy
Will this work for someone who knows nothing about Betfair Trading?
  • Absolutely.
  • The course has been built so that you can go from total newbie to seasoned Betfair Pro.
What if I’ve been trading for a while?
  • Yes!
  • There is so my experience in this course that I defy any trader new or old to not learn from this course!
Can I afford this right now?
  • At the end of the day, that's a question you have to answer.
  • However, I can tell you that the strategies in this course made me and my team a serious amount of money on the Betfair exchange.
  • The pricing model is specifically designed to enable beginners to get started without breaking the bank. It also gives lifetime access, if all you did was get one thing from the course that made your bank grow month on month would it be worth it?
  • If you are just starting out are tight, this is the package for you…
BTC Academy

Is this actually possible?
  • Absolutely.
  • I did it, I got a D in GCSE maths! I am not the smartest person around, in fact my grammar is awful, you might have noticed when reading through this!
  • You'll have a major advantage on me by having someone tell you exactly what works and what doesn't!

Based on the outline I can get all of this free online?
  • Good observation.
  • You maybe can, but not in the right order.
  • It will also take you a few years to search and connect it all up the way it is in the course!
  • You will also get MUCH more detail, examples and support from pro traders who want to see you succed.

How much time will this take?
  • Great question!
  • The course itself is being designed to go through at your own pace.
  • As far as implementation, that depends on your experience level, skill and how quick you learn.
  • While I can't guarantee anything I am trying to design so that anyone with base skill set can implement that tactics with 1 hour per day and 2 hours on the weekend.

How often SHOULD I work on it?
  • See above.
  • The more you work the faster you go.
  • If you're looking for a lazy way to become a trader, this might not be the course for you!
  • But if you're willing to work HARD and follow a proven plan. This will work.